Proper sodium intake can be easily removed from cardiovascular disease Dream beauty pro

Sodium in salt is a common cause of high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes, South Korea's sports north reported on October 27. According to the Korea health insurance review and evaluation institute, in 2016, 752 million people in South Korea had high blood pressure, and the control of sodium was the key to avoiding cardiovascular disease Dream beauty pro.

According to the world health organization (WHO), the recommended daily intake of sodium is 2000mg. Among the foods that south koreans like to eat, the amount of sodium in kimchi soup is 1926mg, 2021mg of soy sauce, 1717mg of pork ribs and 1960mg ramen. If a meal drink soup, a soup is equivalent to a daily intake of sodium, if you eat food, a meal is more than the daily intake of sodium, so it is important to note that don't excessive sodium intake.


You should not eat too much salt in your diet. Eating with chopsticks helps reduce the consumption of soup. Change the habit of dipping chilli sauce and big sauce to eat less often. Older people, in particular, should be more light than usual, because as they grow older, taste cells decrease and taste becomes less sensitive Dream beauty pro hard sell.


In 2013, South Korea's national health and nutrition survey showed that among south koreans aged 65 and older, the amount of sodium in six adults exceeds the recommended daily intake of 2000mg. Aging causes vascular function to drop, and if blood pressure is not regulated, the risk of a dangerous disease is high Dream beauty pro hard sell.