It was hard work, indeed, to buffet those waves, and to avoid being cast against the rocks which abounded. How I did it, and came out scathless bicelle b5 gel , I cannot tell. I know I managed to get near enough to the stern of the boat to grasp the rudder chains and pull myself aboard.

Slowly, for I was weary, I got over the rail, and found myself on the sloping deck, that every now and again was washed by the waves. Before the mast Sir George was lashing the planks he had torn up into the form of a rude raft.

Greeting,” I said to him.

He started, as a man might, who hears a voice from the grave.

Then I went a little way farther until I stood before Lucille.

Edward! Oh, my God! Edward!” she screamed, and then she fell in a senseless heap at the foot of the mast.

I sprang toward her bicelle b5 gel , as did Sir George, dropping the planks. We were at her side together.

Curse you!” he cried. Have you come back from death to take her from me again?”

Even from death,” I said. Even from death, my lord. I come, not to claim her, but to kill you. For she was mine by every right of heaven and earth, and you took her from me.”

I loved her first,” he almost shouted the words. And 212she is mine now by the rights of man; that of possession. Make the most of that, you witch-traitor.”

You shall answer for your words later,” I said.

So we stood thus, perchance while a man might have counted a score slowly. Around us was the waste of waters. Under our feet the quivering Eagle, that was like to go to pieces every second. Between us, as pale as death, was Lucille, the cause of both of us being there. Perhaps she was dead, and our bitter words were spoken in vain.

The seas were calm for a little time while thus we stood, or we must have all been washed into the waves.

Then I saw the hand of Sir George steal to his sword. I clapped mine to my side only to meet with nothing. He smiled.

A wave lifted the Eagle, and after it had passed the craft settled down more deeply in the water. We both started.

There is no time for you and I to settle our hate and quarrel now,” I remarked. We will need all our strength if we would save her.&rdquo bioderma matricium ;

Yes, yes,” he assented eagerly.

So together we labored, he and I; as deadly enemies as ever two men could be, striving in harmony to save the life of a woman, who, hitherto, had brought us both little more than hate. And yet we loved her, both of us. I, perforce, because I could do no less.

213First we placed her where the waves could reach her as little as possible, for she was still as one dead. I passed a rope around the mast, and fastened one end about Lucille’s waist. And my hands trembled strangely as I touched her cold hand.